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Windows I guess it's Windows-flaw-week or something. First, we had the Internet Explorer vulnerability used in the Google attack, and now we have a bug that's been sitting undetected in Windows NT for 17 years. The bug can be used to escalate privileges, but from what I understand, it only works locally (although that isn't made clear).
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RE[2]: Lots still use 16-bit apps
by f0dder on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 18:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Lots still use 16-bit apps"
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DosBox doesn't run win16 installers... Drumhellar was referring to 32bit programs installed with 16bit installers, which has happened *a lot* (iirc one of the big sinners was InstallShield).

First time I was bitten by it was while I was still back on 32bit Windows, but had disabled "8dot3 filename creation" for my NTFS partitions. I've also been bitten by lack of 16-bit support a few times after switching to 64bit Windows - again, it's been those pesky installer stubs.

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