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OSNews, Generic OSes Taking a break from reporting on the latest netbook or phone rumours, Engadget posted an article yesterday about several elements in desktop operating systems writer Paul Miller finds outdated. While there's some interesting stuff in there, there's also a lot to discuss.
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RE: Two points
by joekiser on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 18:16 UTC in reply to "Two points"
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There are some modern implementations of minimize to desktop that show the application as a miniature "preview" as opposed to an icon. For Windows, there is miniMIZE ( that works perfectly in Win7, so long as you run the program in XP compatibility mode. There is also Thumbwin ( but it's in Japanese and isn't compatible with 64-bit Windows yet.

For UNIX, there are several crude FVWM scripts that allow this same function, using ImageMagick to draw the program. It would be nice if KDE picked up this feature as well.

BTW, "the idea of pushing an app completely off the desktop and out of mind" that the author attributes to smartphones is already available, and it's called Virtual Desktops. Also, minor nitpick, browser speed dial first appeared in Opera.

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