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General Development "Computer users with rudimentary skills will be able to program via screen shots rather than lines of code with a new graphical scripting language called Sikuli that was devised at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a basic understanding of Python, people can write programs that incorporate screen shots of graphical user interface elements to automate computer work."
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Looks like more application automation
by fizzled on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 18:54 UTC
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From the video posted on their website, this looks basically like Expect for GUI's-- not a programming language meant for building applications from scratch.

I may actually have a use for this. I am forced to use a horribly designed internal application across a high latency internet connection. If Sikuli works as advertised, I could automate some of the slow, repetitive tasks that I need to do. So, instead of spending two hours clicking, typing, clicking, clicking, typing... I could just feed it a CSV file with the correct data to input and let Sikuli do the work.

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