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OSNews, Generic OSes Taking a break from reporting on the latest netbook or phone rumours, Engadget posted an article yesterday about several elements in desktop operating systems writer Paul Miller finds outdated. While there's some interesting stuff in there, there's also a lot to discuss.
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by eksasol on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 19:44 UTC
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I'm not savvy enough to talk about this as I'm fine with taskbar/panel. I don't care too much for graphical gimmicks. In the long run, it seem the graphical gimmicks only serve to lower productivity. I actually disable workspace/virtualdesktop immediately after installing Ubuntu as it annoy me. I don't like iconized taskbar nor grouping of tabs.

To actually be productive, whatever it is, it have to be fast and to the point while providing necessary info on what the actual fullscreen windows contain because I am a human being and I read. The icon itself isn't enough for me.

Some fast and to the point examples are AeroSnap. The Mac people laugh at the first video introducing it, but it turns out to be damn useful. Or the Ubuntu/Gnome panel where you can place your cursor on it and scroll your mouse wheel and it switches between windows.

Apple already have the best combination I think. The dockbar (I neither love nor hate it) and Expose, then add AeroSnap to it and maybe your idea of WebOS would complete the package.

My prediction is whatever these features are, they will benefit greatly from the idea of touchscreen/screen grabbing. Even if you don't have a touch screen monitor, you should be able to scroll through things by holding the mouse button. Such as the Firefox addon "Grab and Drag", now I can't use another browser without that feature.

PS. There is an Expose clone for Windows called Switcher. I think this software works so well I don't know why Microsoft haven't copied and implement it or just buy the software. I don't know if Apple have patent the Expose idea as well preventing others from copying it. Here's a video of Switcher:

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