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OSNews, Generic OSes Taking a break from reporting on the latest netbook or phone rumours, Engadget posted an article yesterday about several elements in desktop operating systems writer Paul Miller finds outdated. While there's some interesting stuff in there, there's also a lot to discuss.
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RE: Minimize Windows - minimize helps
by jabbotts on Fri 22nd Jan 2010 20:25 UTC in reply to "Minimize Windows"
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As the other poster mentioned "get out of my way, but don't close".

With Enlightenment, I was all about window-shades; the app window sliding up into the task bar leaving just the narrow title bar visible. I could have three shell windows open but not taking more than three title tiles of desktop space.

KDE has both window-shade and minimized states. It even gives me a nice un-tile automatically when I hover over the title. Having tried both, minimizing a program I want on that desktop but not currently in view has won out over shrinking it up into a title bar slat.

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