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OSNews, Generic OSes Taking a break from reporting on the latest netbook or phone rumours, Engadget posted an article yesterday about several elements in desktop operating systems writer Paul Miller finds outdated. While there's some interesting stuff in there, there's also a lot to discuss.
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With E, I had the right side of the screen kept clear so icons in that area where always accessible. E's warf and pager ended up nice and small due to the effect of growing screen resolutions. I don't think I can remember an app that required full screen versus maximized within the majority of the screen.

With KDE, desktop icons would be useless. You need the taskbar type segment to slide in and out of view. The way programs are layed out along with the DE layout suites a true full screen app rather than maximized within the majority of the screen.

With shaded windows, it was having multiple title bars in view. Program updates to the title bar still came through without a mouse-over on an icon. I could see five different shell title bars and which where running versus waiting for my attention. X was more of a way to run multiple rxvt shells and display graphic content rather than for the pointy-clicky interaction. This was at the time when tabbed browsing was rare so multiple windows holding web pages open also.

These days with most of my programs at 80% screen (leaves Conky visible) or 100% full screen, shaded windows don't help me much. I appreciate the function remaining available and the unshade on hover is nice for skimming through the stack. It's not something one can't live without though.

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