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KDE I've been investigating switching my desktop distribution from Kubuntu to something more... Seriously maintained. I love debian, and consider it one of the best distros out there, but Ubuntu's KDE variant is downright pathetic.
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RE: KDE distro
by ddennedy on Sat 23rd Jan 2010 07:43 UTC in reply to "KDE distro"
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> head -1 /var/log/pacman.log

I kinda forgot about that or did not realize it was kept around for so long...
[ddennedy@home ~]$ head -1 /var/log/pacman.log
[10/30/04 18:03] synchronizing package lists

Wow, I have been doing rolling upgrades of Arch on my main workstation since Oct 2004. Holy crap! If I recall correctly, I maintained it through upgrades to 2 new computers (P4 -> dual Athlon -> Core 2 Quad).

Nice testament.

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