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Apple It's the most hyped device of the moment, a device that nobody has laid eyes on without an NDA death-grip. While rumour and speculation escalate (sometimes giving way to apathy), little has leaked out of Cupertino. But nobody seems to be asking whether this tablet thing will be successful or not.
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A missing feature like copy & paste didn't make the iPhone a useless toy, or nullify all its innovations...

Exactly what innovations first appeared in the Iphone? Please list them.

Also, please stop trying to spin "copy and paste" as a trivial feature. This capability was being used fairly often in smart phones long before the Iphone, as it is today.

In fact, I am glad that I am not composing this message on an Iphone, because part of my post is copied and pasted from Maddox's infamous, no-nonsense assessment of the original Iphone (and its theatrical announcement by Steve Jobs):

As you can see from the Maddox page, the Iphone lacks other basic features, like having a period (".") on the keyboard. To type something as simple an ellipsis ("...") with the Iphone, one originally had to tap one's finger nine times and go into a sub-screens three times.

Now there is a shortcut when typing an ellipsis with the Iphone, but one still has to go into a sub-screen, and the shortcut is so "intuitive" that this simple operation requires a tutorial:

There are plenty of other Iphone UI problems and lack of features. On the Maddox page, note the comparison chart on the between the Iphone and an old Nokia N70.

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