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Mozilla & Gecko clones After a number of delays, Mozilla today released version 3.6 of the successful Firefox web browser. It brings with it numerous improvements and new features, and of course speed improvements are welcomed, too.
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Huge performance gains
by smitty on Sun 24th Jan 2010 02:57 UTC
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at least for me. I typically have > 50 tabs open at a time, and 3.5 was just getting really bogged down and had slow response times just to switch tabs. And there was some kind of bug where if I left it running for more than 12 hours or so it would start hogging 100% of one of my cpu cores, apparently not doing anything.

It had gotten so bad, that i was starting to launch chrome instead, even though it has serious usability issues with the number of tabs i tend to have open at one time.

FF3.6 has officially fixed it, for me at least. ;)

The browser seems as responsive as Chrome was, which is to say that I can't feel any lag when using it.

The only issue I'm having now is the new tab behavior which tries to insert new tabs next to the current one. I tried getting used to that for a few days, but it's just terrible for the way i browse. An easy about:config change, though, and it's working for me again.

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