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Mozilla & Gecko clones This week, both YouTube and Vimeo opened up beta offerings using HTML5 video instead of Flash to bring video content to users. Both of them chose to use the h264 codec, which meant that only Safari and Chrome can play these videos, since firefox doesn't license the h264 codec. Mike Shaver, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, explained on his blog why Mozilla doesn't license the h264 codec.
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The Choice is not theirs
by Praxis on Sun 24th Jan 2010 19:50 UTC
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Most of the focus has been on the browsers in the format wars, but the true deciders in this war will be the content sites. Ultimately firefox will support whatever formats they have to support to remain relevant, just like they support flash today even though its a closed format. Unless the all the browsers get together and decide on a single codec, which they won't because Microsoft certainly won't play ball and Apple is a strong supporter of h.264, the default codec will be chosen for them by content sites. And the content sites will not let their choice be driven by ideology there are too many competitors for them to do that.

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