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Legal Like many of you, I kind of lost my faith in the US justice system (when it comes to piracy cases) when a judge awarded USD 1.92 million in damages for downloading 24 songs in the Jammie Thomas-Rasset case. At the same time, also like many of you, I was very pleased with the outcome of the OiNK case in the United Kingdom last week. As it turns out, some of my faith in the US system has been restored: the USD 1.92 fine has been reduced by 97%, to a mere USD 54000.
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by johjeff on Mon 25th Jan 2010 01:15 UTC
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This is just ridiculous. At the most they should charge her $.99 for each of the songs in question, and make her show proof of ownership of every other digital song she has or pay for them. I mean, get real! We are too busy over here trying to make the banks and insurance companies look evil while this kind of crap is being done by the entertainment industry. They are the real crooks.

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