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Linux founder and kernel contributor Jonathan Corbet offered an analysis of the code contributed to the Linux kernel between December 24 2008 and January 10 2010. 18% of contributions were made without a specific corporate affiliation, 7% weren't classified, and 75% were from people working for specific companies in roles where developing that code was a major requirement. "75% of the code comes from people paid to do it," Corbet said.
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RE[2]: I'm confused...
by nt_jerkface on Mon 25th Jan 2010 07:24 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm confused..."
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These stupid people should be forced to spend a few hours each year doing unpaid work - maybe making meals and doing housework for those unpaid Linux volunteers responsible for the other 25% of Linux development. :-)

Screw that, send them to work camp for 6 months to write manuals and help files. We'll call it the software entitlement re-education camp. Constantly barrage them with inane feature requests and hit them with a cane if they complain about having to work late into the night on a diet of Mountain Dew and Cheetos.

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