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Mozilla & Gecko clones This week, both YouTube and Vimeo opened up beta offerings using HTML5 video instead of Flash to bring video content to users. Both of them chose to use the h264 codec, which meant that only Safari and Chrome can play these videos, since firefox doesn't license the h264 codec. Mike Shaver, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, explained on his blog why Mozilla doesn't license the h264 codec.
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h.264 is a MUST in our world
by Auxx on Mon 25th Jan 2010 12:23 UTC
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Even though I do really support open standards, yet I realize that there is an industry which dictates rules. I already stated in Opera blog the same issue ( ), let me quote myself:

h.264/h.263 is already supported by most devices out there. Even my three years old feature phone support h.263. h.264 is an industry standard, not supporting it is silly.

I suppose 10.50 will be more of a testing version for VIDEO support. I suggest making a proper cross-platform media framework for future versions, whitch will simply be a wrapper around native media playback using WM on Windows, QT on Apple, GStreamer on *nixes and other APIs for other devices. h.264 is playable by WM, QT, GStreamer and on most modern mobile phones/smart phones/pdas/tv set boxes/etc, along with other media formats.

I believe that in near future we will see three dominating media formats: OGG, h.264 and MP3 and I believe that most web-devs will have streams in all these formats. This will resolve incompatability issues (since web dev can figure out which formats are supported by client via JS) and make web trully accessible.

Current problem with accessibility is that OGG is NOT support by most hardware (I'm not speaking about PCs, but about phones/players), so h.264 and MP3 dominate. Including support for OGG is only a way to speed up the process of its adoption. Disabling h.264/MP3 will cause Opera/whatever browser vendor to loose in this game - You can't force Sony Ericsson to exclude their h.264 hardware support and put OGG instead - that will never happen.

So here is a very simple conslusion forced by current industry situation - h.264 is a MUST. No workaround accepted.

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