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Mozilla & Gecko clones This week, both YouTube and Vimeo opened up beta offerings using HTML5 video instead of Flash to bring video content to users. Both of them chose to use the h264 codec, which meant that only Safari and Chrome can play these videos, since firefox doesn't license the h264 codec. Mike Shaver, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, explained on his blog why Mozilla doesn't license the h264 codec.
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wow, thats the truth
by FunkyELF on Mon 25th Jan 2010 14:07 UTC
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The web is undeniably better for Mozilla having entered the browser market, and it would have been impossible for us to do so if there had been a multi-million-dollar licensing fee required for handling HTML, CSS, JavaScript or the like.

I couldn't agree more with this statement.

I hope YouTube (Google) does whats right and uses the inferior yet free codecs.

Silverlight web pages can be much flashier than even flash, and definately flashier than HTML, CSS, etc.... yet any sane person would never consider making a silverlight page.

Didn't Google buy some company that was developing a good Ogg Theora codec? What happened to that?

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