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Linux founder and kernel contributor Jonathan Corbet offered an analysis of the code contributed to the Linux kernel between December 24 2008 and January 10 2010. 18% of contributions were made without a specific corporate affiliation, 7% weren't classified, and 75% were from people working for specific companies in roles where developing that code was a major requirement. "75% of the code comes from people paid to do it," Corbet said.
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RE[3]: Kind of sad
by Laurence on Mon 25th Jan 2010 17:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Kind of sad"
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Furthermore, who's to say that the paid developers are just depressed code monkeys who slave for a paycheck? They might also be enthusiasts who got lucky and now have jobs doing what they would otherwise be doing for fun. Linus gets paid to work on the kernel and I'm pretty sure he's not just doing it for the money. Same for folks like Alan Cox, etc.

Linus doesn't write code though. He effectively just project manages it.

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