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Google Finally! Google has released version 4.0 of Chrome for Windows, bringing the much-anticipated extensions framework out of beta and into the stable channel. Currently, more than 1500 extensions are already available. Version 4.0 carries more features than just extensions, though.
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There also seems to be no way of putting a "Display bookmarks" button on the toolbar.

There is a way:

Getting it to work when you don't launch Chrome from that particular shortcut (e.g. clicking an associated html file in Windows Explorer) is more annoying. To cover those cases too, open Windows Explorer, to go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types, and add the --bookmark-menu command-line flag to the launch command for each Chrome-associated filetype. (Click the Advanced button to edit the command.)

Edit: Oh wait, you're on Linux. Disregard the Windows Explorer advice, then.

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