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Linux founder and kernel contributor Jonathan Corbet offered an analysis of the code contributed to the Linux kernel between December 24 2008 and January 10 2010. 18% of contributions were made without a specific corporate affiliation, 7% weren't classified, and 75% were from people working for specific companies in roles where developing that code was a major requirement. "75% of the code comes from people paid to do it," Corbet said.
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RE[2]: How is this a bad thing?
by dylansmrjones on Tue 26th Jan 2010 11:16 UTC in reply to "RE: How is this a bad thing?"
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It undermines the community.

Bullshit. Making money on writing FLOSS does not undermine the community. Any random hacker can download the sourcecode, hack it and release the modified version. Whether anybody else will use the modifications is irrelevant. What matters is that all of us can still do it.

It is no more difficult today for random hackers to get code accepted in the original base than it was 10 years ago. All they have to do is to come up with good code. Find a bug in your sound driver, fix it well, and release that fix. You donĀ“t have to write drivers for random embedded device only used by a scientist living on the backside of the moon.

Now stop spreading FUD (or Communism (money is evil boohoo), they are equal).

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