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Mozilla & Gecko clones This week, both YouTube and Vimeo opened up beta offerings using HTML5 video instead of Flash to bring video content to users. Both of them chose to use the h264 codec, which meant that only Safari and Chrome can play these videos, since firefox doesn't license the h264 codec. Mike Shaver, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, explained on his blog why Mozilla doesn't license the h264 codec.
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Having decoder inside a browser is a really bad idea. You see, everyone is now trying to get a piece of mobile market, which is dominated by Opera. On many mobiles you can't decode ANY video in real-time with your app - apps do not have direct access to hardware and soft-decoding will be too slow. But there is an API for playing videos, which will ask hardware to decode what you want. So a browser vendor MUST use platform-specific APIs.

Mobiles are not desktops, remember that. And when Opera with Mozilla talk about h.264 they often mention mobile devices. So h.264 and using native APIs is a must - this is not what-you-want-or-like, this is what happens in real life.

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