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Games "The first hacker to successfully jailbreak the iPhone says he has pulled off yet another modding marvel, this time penetrating the previously impervious PlayStation 3 gaming console. The hack by 20-year-old George Hotz, aka geohot, is significant because the PS3 was the only game console that hadn't been hacked, despite being on the market for more than three years. The feat greatly expands the functionality of the box by allowing it to run unrestricted versions of Linux and a wide range of games that are currently forbidden. The hardware and software designer told El Reg it took him five weeks to develop the hack using a combination of modifications to the console's hardware and software."
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by Xaero_Vincent on Tue 26th Jan 2010 16:37 UTC
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The PS3 makes a poor computer with its 256 MB of RAM. Linux does support the Cell processor and there are low-level APIs to take advantage of the SPE units. However, most of the capability isn't when running a standard Linux distro ported to the Cell because the apps themselves aren't optimized to utilize the SPEs.

So its more like running a PowerPC G5 with 256MB RAM. IIRC, the Cell also uses in-order execution, which means overall computing performance is slower than an out-of-order execution CPU because not as many instructions are processed per cycle.

I have the original 60 GB with emotion engine CPU for hardware backwards-compatibility with the PS2. So this announcement means little if you have the original systems.

The new slimline model removes so many features that I'd surely choose an Xbox 360 instead with it's better exclusive titles.

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