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Privacy, Security, Encryption "An error-checking algorithm found in software used to attack Google and other large companies circulated for years on English-language books and websites, casting doubt on claims it provided strong evidence that the malware was written by someone inside the People's Republic of China."
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The whole thing with aurora was that it was an *additional* way to blame China. The aurora code surfaced several days after the incident began, and by then it was already basically assumed that China was the guilty party.

Aurora was circumstantial evidence anyway, so it should never really have been considered as proof, so the fact that it is no longer relevant doesn't alter anything as far as I'm concerned.

There is no *proof* of China being involved here, and there never has been. All we really have is what Google have told us.

Frankly, if Google were prepared to make as much noise about it as they have, then I would assume they felt they had a strong case. But what do I know? It could just have been Google playing politics all along.

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