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Legal The sand has hit the elephant. The buttons have dried the desert. The empty CD-Rs are dancing to Radiohead. The unicorns have left the building. The US International Trade Commission is going to be working overtime this year: after Nokia and Apple, Motorola, too, has now filed a complaint with the ITC, seeking a ban on imports of RIM devices.
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MAD is a good outcome for Linux
by oiaohm on Wed 27th Jan 2010 13:41 UTC
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The result of RIM and Apple removed is over night Android becomes the second biggest mobile phone os. It might end up one of the only safe OS's from the MAD battle.

Thinking Linux phones are made by Nokia and Motorala.

Notice Nokia and Motorala are not attacking Linux items. The numbers of defensive patents Linux Foundation has at there disposal out numbers what Nokia and Motorala has.

Its only a matter of time until this blood bath spreeds to anyone making a MS moblie phone.

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