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Apple In what everybody already saw coming for weeks (months) now, Apple has just unveiled its latest product, a tablet called the iPad. Basically a bigger version of the iPhone, Steve Jobs presented the iPad during a press event in San Francisco. The most interesting news? It's powered by... An Apple processor, called the A4. The most shocking news? The price.
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 28th Jan 2010 01:36 UTC
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Looks like an awesome product that is going to tempt me to purchase one in the future - hopefully the 3G model will arrive in New Zealand. There has been comparisons to other devices such as the kindle with one small problem - many of these alternatives are either considerably more expensive or are not available outside the United States. Kindle looks like a great piece of hardware but I am located in New Zealand and I am unable to purchase it - for all intents and purposes it might as well not exist.

60 days is a long time in the world of IT - it will be interesting to see what Apple pull out of the hat in regards to iPhone OS and possible multitasking. What also comes to mind will be whether the A4 processor will eventually find its way into other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. I'm kind of interested in hearing hopefully in the near future an Arstechnica article where the processor is broken down, examined and how it compares to other ARM CPU implementations.

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