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Apple In what everybody already saw coming for weeks (months) now, Apple has just unveiled its latest product, a tablet called the iPad. Basically a bigger version of the iPhone, Steve Jobs presented the iPad during a press event in San Francisco. The most interesting news? It's powered by... An Apple processor, called the A4. The most shocking news? The price.
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RE[5]: Price
by dagw on Thu 28th Jan 2010 16:02 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Price"
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ATM this thing is three times more expensive than superior netbooks

What new netbook costs $170? Can those netbook give me 10 hours of battery life and does it weigh less than 2 lbs? If the answer to those two questions are no, then I wouldn't consider those netbook superior.

I can buy a dual core x64 laptop with 500 GB harddisk, 16" monitor

Again, missing the point. I'm willing to pay extra not have to carry around a 16" monitor and to not have a battery eating CPU. In this case a 10-11" monitor is superior to a 16-17" monitor and the most important spec for a CPU is measured in Watts not Hertz. There is more to computers than simply counting FLOPS.

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