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Apple In what everybody already saw coming for weeks (months) now, Apple has just unveiled its latest product, a tablet called the iPad. Basically a bigger version of the iPhone, Steve Jobs presented the iPad during a press event in San Francisco. The most interesting news? It's powered by... An Apple processor, called the A4. The most shocking news? The price.
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by kaelodest on Thu 28th Jan 2010 16:33 UTC in reply to "Comment by moleskine"
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I banned newsprint from my house, I get 90% of my info on the web maybe more. If it weren't for the kids I could drop cable TV. Now If I am guessing correctly this box has most of my entertainment and light browsing functionality right there. I often will check my bank account from my iPhone it takes 8 seconds from a locked phone to get to the login ( after that the network is the slowdown)
I hope the publishers will be able to make a comeback. The people who seem to need 'newsprint' were born before Viet Nam ( the baby boomers) that dawn is long given. I think that I probably consume more independent media now that I can open eight maybe ten news sites at a glance and follow maybe a dozen web comics. A decade ago I doubt that I would read even one paper. Media cries that it is not getting enough from revenue. Well That isn't Apple or Google. they are taking web revenue to support a print shop that is closed

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