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Apple Yes, yes, I apologise. After Kroc's story earlier today, and together with this one, we now have three stories in a row on the Ipad iPad (sorry, I can't ban camel case from OSNews just yet). So, what are we going to do? Predictions? Criticism? More details? No - I want to explain what I think the differences are between the introduction of the iPod and the iPhone, and that of the iPad.
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Activation Energy
by kaelodest on Thu 28th Jan 2010 18:25 UTC
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It seems that we are at an impasse here, much like the ubiquitous Apple ][ from BITD. It is not so much what it does. The real vibrant question is what will I be able to do with it in the future. We went from Zork to Lode Runner to Quake in a very short cultural time. And I believe that this device is not evolutionary but signs of a culture turning the corner. It is evolutionary because I can teach my son cocoa and build a lunar lander in a month and I am not cruel enough to teach him windows programming.
I am sure that I can do something real nice in AJAX or Cappachino. But the real key question is activation energy. Like how in an Atari 800/ Commodore 64 you could (often had to) sit down in an afternoon and write a program and see what a computer was really about. I like the platform I do not think I will buy the first generation. But I think that the fun will be in making an app for it . How to program not for my boss but for my kids. and for fun

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