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Web 2.0 Wolfire writes: "Today, Apple announced the new iPad and humbly claimed that there will be a "gold rush" of native apps for the App Store. Sure, but what I find more interesting is that Apple also ironically created the most promising open web app platform, which may eventually undermine the App Store itself. [...] The iPad is the first mainstream device which combines all of the following factors: reasonably powerful hardware, a (potentially) huge user base, a mature WebKit implementation, and constant 3G internet capabilities. All the dominoes are in place, and I think that the iPad will knock the first one down."
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RE[2]: except for one thing ...
by bousozoku on Thu 28th Jan 2010 19:38 UTC in reply to "RE: except for one thing ..."
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In Europe, things should be much better for 3G. My immediate reaction when they announced their “breakthrough” pricing for 3G was “ARE THEY INSANE!?”. Is America _really_ that backwater!?

It's a huge country and most of the people can't even see a need for public transport, so yes, the U.S.A. is really that backwater. :-D

You also have to remember that those carriers using GSM are far behind the curve in 3G support. EVDO networks attached to CDMA carriers were available as far back as 2006 to towns with populations of 100,000 or more.

Anyway, I think the iPad is interesting, but too big to be truly portable and the resolution (1024x768?) too small to be useful for movies and current widescreen t.v. Would 1280x768 have been such an unreasonable size?

The lack of Flash is confounding to a lot of people, but advertisers seem to be just fine in several of the applications I use. If Adobe could modernise Flash to not take over the system at the slightest event, they might have a chance. I believe their developers are inept and feature bloat and/or revenue is driving management.

Still, iPad will likely become something of great proportions, figuratively, once Apple can secure a worldwide market for books, magazines, and newspapers but not today.

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