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Apple Yes, yes, I apologise. After Kroc's story earlier today, and together with this one, we now have three stories in a row on the Ipad iPad (sorry, I can't ban camel case from OSNews just yet). So, what are we going to do? Predictions? Criticism? More details? No - I want to explain what I think the differences are between the introduction of the iPod and the iPhone, and that of the iPad.
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It's too weak
by arbour42 on Thu 28th Jan 2010 20:11 UTC
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The iPad will cost, at least, $600 by the time you get it home. This is far too much for so little it offers.

For the same price, I can get a low-end dell laptop (or almost 2 netbooks) with 250gb and 4gb ram, and the ability to put ANY app on it, and multi-task, and have a FULL working environment. And solid battery life.

The iPad may sell well. But it's a frivolous product, especially as the entire West is falling into a hyper-inflationary Depression.

I was hoping to be able to use an SDK to build multi-touch apps for private use, without it being restricted to App Store development. And NO, GWT and Cappuccino and Sproutcore are not what I want to use. (I'm sick of Javascript frameworks at this point.)

Apple dropped the ball and maybe Microsoft can come up with something, especially since they have much better dev tools than Apple.

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