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Web 2.0 Wolfire writes: "Today, Apple announced the new iPad and humbly claimed that there will be a "gold rush" of native apps for the App Store. Sure, but what I find more interesting is that Apple also ironically created the most promising open web app platform, which may eventually undermine the App Store itself. [...] The iPad is the first mainstream device which combines all of the following factors: reasonably powerful hardware, a (potentially) huge user base, a mature WebKit implementation, and constant 3G internet capabilities. All the dominoes are in place, and I think that the iPad will knock the first one down."
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The Real Reason
by spudley99 on Fri 29th Jan 2010 12:48 UTC
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The real reason they haven't included Flash on the iPad:

The trouble for Flash is that being a browser plugin, it runs as a separate task to the browser. In a non-multitasking OS, the rest of your web site would stop working while the flash is being played.

Not a good user experience. In fact, I'd say that flash broken that badly would be worse than no flash at all, especially when you've got HTML5 as a ready substitute.

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