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Hardware, Embedded Systems And yet another item on the iPad? Are we serious? Yes, we are, since this one is about something that even geeks who aren't interested in the iPad itself should find intriguing. Steve Jobs said yesterday that the iPad is powered by an Apple A4 processor, but contrary to what many seem to think - it wasn't designed in-house at all.
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RE[2]: windows 7 on ARM?
by tylerdurden on Fri 29th Jan 2010 19:52 UTC in reply to "RE: windows 7 on ARM?"
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"Windows NT was originally written on a custom architecture as to ensure no platform-specific code would seep into the codebase. "

Huh? No, not even close... NT was originally developed for a very specific processor: the Intel 80860. The fact that the processor flopped in all sorts of ways as a possible x86 replacement in the late 80s is what forced Microsoft to move NT to a different platform: MIPS. Which also flopped in the desktop.

NT became relatively platform "agnostic" (even though it was not the case since there were some serious portability issues across different versions of NT for different ISAs) as a side effect, not because it was part of the original design.

At the time of its introduction in the early 90s, NT had to be buzzword compliant. And at that time the prevailing wisdom was RISC=good, CISC=baaad. Do not confuse marketing with design goals...

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