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Linux "So how's that look-like-Windows thing working for the Linux community? Is the wave of desktop adoption far ahead of where it was in 2001 and 2002 when this started? And, if not, why don't we stop doing it? Is it because we're stuck on stupid?"
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You're making a fool of yourself. The instructions for FF are true on all platforms.

Extensions to FF are installed the same way on ALL platforms. If you're a regular user of FF you would know that.

Besides that, there are not only one, but many ways to install applications on windows and mac and all other systems, including GNU/Linux.

As a regular user of one of these systems, you ought to know that.

There is no such thing as a only-one-way to install. Besides that, the "one-size-fits-everyone" philosophy doesn't work at all.

I expect your next statement to be: "640 KB is enough for everyone." ;)

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