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Linux "So how's that look-like-Windows thing working for the Linux community? Is the wave of desktop adoption far ahead of where it was in 2001 and 2002 when this started? And, if not, why don't we stop doing it? Is it because we're stuck on stupid?"
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LOL... Now I know who you are :p

Desktops running on Linux ARE Linux on the Desktop, and it works quite fine.

Define usability, Mr.RecognizedNoname.

Remeber that the windows desktop is 20 years old and Gnome is only 6 years old. How usable was the windows desktop after 6 years? Less usable than the first Gnome release.

What can you do on the windows desktop that you cannot do on the linux desktop?

What are missing?

Come up with some facts, instead of just trolling like you did in the other thread where you didn't answer me.

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