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Microsoft Microsoft presented the results for its second quarter of the 2010 fiscal year yesterday, which ended on December 29 2009. As it turns out, thanks to sales of Windows 7, Microsoft experienced a record quarter, which is especially welcome after the previous two lacklustre ones. It sold 60 million Windows 7 licenses during this record quarter.
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I also used to run on limited access user account and there were - in fact - problems with many applications, but again - it was MS fault in the first place!

Bull, lazy developers are the ones who are at fault for not make sure there applications worked under regular user accounts on NT.

1. MS designs its OS with user accounts, but no real privilege separation [i.e "do whatever you want, get the files from other accounts without giving a password] - Win95/98/NT/2k maybe?

In that first point, you've revealed yourself as completely clueless. NT has had proper user-level security since its first release.

2. MS again designs its OS with user accounts [crippled implementation - it makes YOU an admin by default] - WinXP 'Vanilla'

That statement is even more clueless than the last one, if that's possible. XP uses the exact same implementation of user accounts/security as all previous releases of NT. It wasn't crippled in any way, it only defaulted to an admin account (thanks all the software from lazy/incompetent devs who only tested their applications in Win9x or in admin accounts on NT).

3. MS once again designs its OS with user accounts [now it's slightly better - "as it always should"] - WinXP Home / SP3 maybe?

Instead of making wild guesses, you could, oh, I don't know... try educating yourself? Even just ten minutes skimming the wikipedia "Windows NT" article would make you better informed than you are right now.

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