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Oracle and SUN "Several of the concerns about Oracle's acquisition of Sun have revolved around how Unix technologies led by Sun would continue under the new ownership. As it turns out, Solaris users might not have much to worry about, as Oracle executives on Wednesday affirmed their commitment to preserving the efforts. In the case of Solaris, Oracle had already been a big supporter of the rival Linux operating system. Oracle has its own Enterprise Linux offering, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the idea that Linux and Solaris are mutually exclusive is a false choice."
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Solaris and other Unix variants are good, and have some features lacking from Linux. But let's not forget that almost 90 % of the world's top 500 super computers already run Linux and that trend is only growing: That should make it quite clear to everyone that Linux is perfectly ready for (if not already dominating) the high-end server field.

In a typical fanboy fashion, you are good at misunderstanding things. High-end stuff, the so-called big iron, has really nothing to do with the so-called "supercomputers". Nor do "supercomputers" serve anything. They just execute flops. And they do it fast. That's their job.

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