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Qt Trolls (the Trolltech ones) are blogging about a technology preview of the UI designer for QML, integrated to Qt Creator. A youtube video is provided. QML, accompanied by an UI designer, provides an open alternative for piecing together flash-like high-FPS programs with heavily customized and animated user interfaces, built on QGraphicsView framework. While QML allows authoring the whole program in QML markup and Javascript, QML can be incorporated to Qt C++ programs with relative ease.
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RE: Hmmmm
by vivainio on Sat 30th Jan 2010 14:10 UTC in reply to "Hmmmm"
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Looks like they're rather impressed with being able to drag stuff around and seeing values at runtime in a debug window. I'm sure most Visual Basic developers are rolling their eyes. Welcome to 1991?

You have been able to do dragdrop ui design forever with qt designer. The new thing here is that now/soon you can do the same with qml, which is more difficult than making static ui's. Think of Flash rather than VB.

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