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Oracle and SUN "Several of the concerns about Oracle's acquisition of Sun have revolved around how Unix technologies led by Sun would continue under the new ownership. As it turns out, Solaris users might not have much to worry about, as Oracle executives on Wednesday affirmed their commitment to preserving the efforts. In the case of Solaris, Oracle had already been a big supporter of the rival Linux operating system. Oracle has its own Enterprise Linux offering, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the idea that Linux and Solaris are mutually exclusive is a false choice."
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Do you realize the fact that those supercompuers have some of the largest and most complex I/O subsystems, file serving, and database/mining applications?

Where do you think the globs of data come to generate all those globs of flops? Pixie dust?

And yes, those supercomputers are considered big iron. In fact, there is no bigger iron than a supercomputer. Heck, the largest IBM Z10 system looks puny when compared to a large CRAY, which yes runs using AMD processors and Linux in all its glory.

Please do not confuse "mainframe" with "big iron." And for what it is worth, IBM will happily sell you an integrated facility for linux® (IFL) subsystem for your shiny new Z-series mainframe.

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