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Qt Trolls (the Trolltech ones) are blogging about a technology preview of the UI designer for QML, integrated to Qt Creator. A youtube video is provided. QML, accompanied by an UI designer, provides an open alternative for piecing together flash-like high-FPS programs with heavily customized and animated user interfaces, built on QGraphicsView framework. While QML allows authoring the whole program in QML markup and Javascript, QML can be incorporated to Qt C++ programs with relative ease.
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RE: Better than SVG How???
by vivainio on Sat 30th Jan 2010 21:09 UTC in reply to "Better than SVG How???"
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So, how is QML better than standard SVG with mouse events???

Is anyone using SVG for anything apart from static scalable images?

SVG is standard, and if you want a desktop app, just drop a webkit widget on a form in your favorite toolkit.

For desktop applications, you don't really care about "standards", you care about the fact that you can deliver your program for the platforms you are interested in, and that the program won't suck horribly (which is what I'd expect an svg application to do).

Web based applications are fine for simple applications, and happen to be trivially portable, but web technologies don't really make glitzy applications easy to build - or, if they do, they are everything but open or standardized (flash, silverlight).

Lets see, I can use a svg enabled browser, which is standard on most platforms, or I can install this several gigabyte monstrosity called QT which is almost more of an operating system than a toolkit.

If you are using Linux, you'll have this "monstrosity" out of the box. Likewise if you happen to be using a (future) Nokia phone. Qt runtime is not really that big after all (around 10 megs?).

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