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Oracle and SUN "Several of the concerns about Oracle's acquisition of Sun have revolved around how Unix technologies led by Sun would continue under the new ownership. As it turns out, Solaris users might not have much to worry about, as Oracle executives on Wednesday affirmed their commitment to preserving the efforts. In the case of Solaris, Oracle had already been a big supporter of the rival Linux operating system. Oracle has its own Enterprise Linux offering, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the idea that Linux and Solaris are mutually exclusive is a false choice."
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RE[7]: Could be worse
by Laurence on Sun 31st Jan 2010 10:55 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Could be worse"
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The Solaris code is open for anyone to see. I'd say that you'd be surprised how much code from the original Sys V base is still there.

Actually, IIRC Solaris wasn't exclusively built on SysV code. There's BSD and even Xenix code in there too.

In fact, the whole point of SunOS 5 was that it was marking a merger of some of the previous leading Unix variants as opposed to being an out and out BSD system (as many of the pre-Solaris-branding SunOS releases were).

I think the confusion comes in that SunOS 5 was also branded as Solaris 2.0 (which was also technically the 1st Solaris release as 1.0 was retrospectively named) and SysV Release 4.

So while Solaris is SysV derived, it's also BSD derived and certainly not 1st, 2nd or even 3rd generation SysV.
So while it may still contain SysV code - I doubt there that much from the original SysV codebase as you suggested.

Granted things get modified all the time. But as I said, unix is still alive and well...

I know it is - that was the whole point of my original post (which you evidently missed)

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