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Internet & Networking Despite the recent interest in adopting HTML5's video tag, there is still one major problem: there is no mandated standard video codec for the video tag. The two main contestants are the proprietary and patended h264, and the open and free Theora. In a comment on an article about this problematic situation, LWN reader Trelane posted an email exchange he had with MPEG-LA, which should further cement Theora as the obvious choice.
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OSNews, Do Not Forget Audio
by openadvocate on Sun 31st Jan 2010 19:06 UTC
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"Web developers, the choice is yours. Are you ignorant and short-sighted, or are you willing to make a stand for keeping the web open, and finally breaking video loose from its proprietary shackles?"

It is just as important to avoid being short-sighted or stubborn when it comes to providing audio content on the web. MP3 is also in proprietary shackles. Each time audio is only provided in a closed format, it gives less incentive for hardware manufacturers to support non-patent-encumbered audio formats and it puts users in a compromised position. For this reason, web developers who wish to supply users with audio content should consider using an open codec (e.g. Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, FLAC) in lieu of or in addition to anything patented like MP3.

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