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Google BBC News reports: Google has begun to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6, the browser identified as the weak link in a "sophisticated and targeted" cyber attack on the search engine. The firm said from 1 March some of its services, such as Google Docs, would not work "properly" with the browser. It recommended individuals and firms upgrade "as soon as possible".
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Talk about pointing the gun away from one foot, and shooting the other.

"IE6 and its userbase is the reason I could never use the full potential of todays JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Nope, the blame lies with you. You failed to draw the line and say no, to stand up to the values you hold. I've been developing with the latest and greatest quite easily.

I don't blame you though, it's you who should blame yourself. You've got a job to keep, a boss to please and stupid deadlines to meet. But honestly, the reason IE6 persists is because developers have not been willing to put their foot down and just say no.

<--[if lte IE 7]>
But as a web developer, my aim is to make money. The reason I get the jobs that the last guy didn't is because he put his "stupid" foot down. Why blame my boss for someone else's crappy software?

The irony is that IE6 was released in 2001. Now in 2010 I STILL have to design sites for modern browsers and then IE7, which was released in 2006.

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