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General Development While the iPad can certainly be debated as a product, people on the internet are discussing not the product, but the shift devices like the iPhone and iPad represent: a shift away from a computer being accessible to it being something closed and impenetrable. Is this a future we want for ourselves?
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Same old whining. . .
by KingRocky on Mon 1st Feb 2010 17:25 UTC
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This is the same old whining that some people do whenever Apple releases a new product. How is it that a company with a whopping 5% of the PC market share and 18% of the "smartphone" market share is "killing innovation?" (Source: )

If the author wants to gripe about a company DOMINATING the market with their closed-source operating system and oppressive and draconian tactics, then he should talk about. . . oh, wait. . . THERE ISN'T ONE.

Nokia has DOUBLE the market share of Apple, but Apple is somehow "killing innovation?"

Give me a break.

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