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General Development While the iPad can certainly be debated as a product, people on the internet are discussing not the product, but the shift devices like the iPhone and iPad represent: a shift away from a computer being accessible to it being something closed and impenetrable. Is this a future we want for ourselves?
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RE[2]: Same old whining. . .
by KingRocky on Mon 1st Feb 2010 18:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Same old whining. . ."
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Well, if you look at mindshare rather then marketshare, Apple easily wins, and that's the dangerous part of it.

Yes, because a company building a desirable product, selling millions of them and making a profit is a "bad thing."

There are literally THOUSANDS of other devices out there for "tinkerers." Apple hasn't built devices for "tinkerers" since the very first Macintosh.

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