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General Development While the iPad can certainly be debated as a product, people on the internet are discussing not the product, but the shift devices like the iPhone and iPad represent: a shift away from a computer being accessible to it being something closed and impenetrable. Is this a future we want for ourselves?
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Apple can declare what it wants
by deb2006 on Mon 1st Feb 2010 20:58 UTC
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I really don't care. I have used some Macs in the past, and I have found out that they don't work the way I want them to work. When I discovered Linux it was love at first sight: open software, source code I could compile, a computer I could choose.

Apple does not offer me anything. I find it very strange that people think the iPad is such a great thing. It is not. It is a crippled piece of hardware which misses a number of things one has gotten used to nowadays. To claim this would be an advantage is silly. People who actually believe this are even more silly. Yeah, it's a device made by grandpa for grandpa.

It doesn't matter to me. And it surely won't change the way the net works. Thank God, it's only Apple ;)

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