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RE[3]: mencoder ffmpeg
by molnarcs on Wed 5th Oct 2005 22:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: mencoder ffmpeg"
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"what kind of encoding times are you getting when going to say mpeg4 using mencoder on say a 2 hour movie and 2 two encoding?"

oh, there are so many options that can slow down encoding... you can't calculate time based solely on the codec used and the lenght of the movie. I don't have any idea how fast it would go without any options. But: apply a light denoise filter (hqdn3d=2:1:2) and encoding speed decreses by ~10%. use v4mv (4 motion vectors) which decreases speed by another 10. trellis quantization, mbd=2, etc - all will decrease speed. Now on my sempron 3100+, with almost ALL the cpu intensive options turned on, doing bicubic sofware scaling and all, I get 8-10 frames/sec. If I turn those options off, I'd probably get 25-30 or even more. I know this because I can rip tv programmes directly into mpeg-4 (which needs at least 25 fps - real time encoding) using mencoder, with some options (v4mv, deblocking filters) turned on. Check out this script:

If you have further questions email me at - I don't want to drive this further off topic... (I might claim that the above script is a good template for encoding from TV on FreeBSD though ;) ))

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