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General Development While the iPad can certainly be debated as a product, people on the internet are discussing not the product, but the shift devices like the iPhone and iPad represent: a shift away from a computer being accessible to it being something closed and impenetrable. Is this a future we want for ourselves?
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RE[6]: Same old whining. . .
by KingRocky on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 13:22 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Same old whining. . ."
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First, I don't know about american cars average milage and reliability level, but my grand-family own a Citroen 2CV and did over 150000 km with it (~100000 miles) without that much issue. Many families did the same too, as at this time changing the car every 2-3 years wasn't even financially possible. So, my mileage vary ;-)

Really?? Your family really owned and drove a Citroen for 150,000km without EVER having to work on a carburetor, adjust ignition points, adjust ignition timing, lubricate the chassis, change the spark plugs, cap, rotor or spark plug wires??


On a modern car, you don't have to touch ANY of those things for the first 150,000km. All you have to do is put gas in it and change the oil, which can be done by anyone anywhere.

And if someone is offering me GUARANTEED performance, then YES, I will take it back to where I bought it to get it fixed!

A modern automobile is so complex it boggles the mind. It has multiple computers controlling multiple things - all for the safety, comfort, reliability, performance, economy and cleanliness that the buying public and the government DEMAND.

And if I were a car manufacturer, there's NO WAY I'd EVER let some random mechanic start poking around in my newest creation that I just spent a BILLION DOLLARS developing.

Because ultimately, if something goes wrong and the mechanic is unable to fix it, or does a poor repair job and the problem comes back, the one who looks bad is the MANUFACTURER, NOT THE MECHANIC who didn't know what he was doing because he ASSUMED that everything works the same way it did on last year's model.

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