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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While we're all busy weeting ourselves or getting our knickers in twists over Apple's iPad, we'd almost forget that this other company had already announced a similar product two months ago. Fusion Garage's CEO has given a number of updates on the Joo Joo, while also filing its motion to dismiss the court case started by TechCrunch.
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There are nothing original about tablet PC.
Many people have already come out with the idea many years ago. However, due to technology limitation, it is not been implemented.

In this case, the company that can pull it off will get the IP. Fusion Garage have the upper hand with all the aces cards.

For your info, some chinese company already produce IPad clones before it is announce. Fujisu already come out with a IPAD in year 2001. We may see more law suits in the near future.

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