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Podcasts Back in August of 2009, the OSnews team spent 3 full hours discussing Apple. In the course of discussion, we spent some time talking about the then-mythical "Apple Tablet." So, 5 months later, how did we do? Were we accurate in our predictions? How did you envision the Tablet, long before the nonsensically named "iPad" became a reality? This clip, which I've called "Episode 20.x" and inserted into cannon retroactively, is pulled, unaltered, from the original podcast.
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RE[7]: Ogg Vorbis?
by darknexus on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 20:14 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Ogg Vorbis?"
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We cannot publish OGG only, because iTunes is by far and away the most common podcast client.

Not so easy when you're the one doing the web developing is it? You do realize how your statement could be applied to other situations, for example:
We cannot publish Theora only, because H.264 is by far and away the most common and hardware-supported codec.

I'm not downing the effort you're making, even though it might've come across that way. I'm an ass sometimes--no, scratch that, I'm an ass *most* of the time. But to see an article just a few days ago deriding proprietary codecs and, then, you giving the same justifications for doing the exact same thing... you do see how that comes across, right? I guess it struck a major nerve, you have no right to criticize other web sites for not doing what you're not doing. Sure, the next version of osnews will have ogg support and I believe you, but the fact is that you do not have it *now* and yet you, among others here, have the nerve to criticize Youtube *now* for doing precisely the same as you.
This isn't meant to be offensive even though I'm sure it sounds that way. I just don't know any other way to put it, to be perfectly honest.

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