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Apple The beauty of the internet is such that every opinion has become worthless; this goes doubly so for those with publish buttons on (relatively, we're humble) major websites. For every opinion, there's a matching counter-opinion, and that's great. Yesterday, we linked to an article by Mark Pilgrim about tinkerers and the iPad, and of course, someone was bound to disagree with that one.
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RE[4]: Now that's Sniveling!
by lemur2 on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 04:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Now that's Sniveling! "
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because the ones most interested in the iPhone and the iPad are people who actually want to use the product for what it was intended for not hack it pieces to get it just right for you.

Who cares if the iPad is a closed system.

The problem is when the manufacturer of the closed system uses it later to say: "there are a lot of people who have only that closed system, and hence they can use only this or that when they connect to the web ... therefore the web itself can be allowed to present only this or that".

Apple have already historically used exactly such an argument viz a viz audio formats and the iPod. Now, via the iPad and iPhone, they are trying to do this same trick all over again in order to eliminate open format video on the web (such as the video which Wikipedia/Wikimedia uses) in favour of proprietary format video in which they have an interest in the applicable patents.

iPad user? ... then public access, public domain data is NOT FOR YOU!!! (according to Apple).

This is why people care ... because the closed nature of iPads will be used against the freedom of people who don't own an iPad and wouldn't touch it because it is so limiting.

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