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Apple The beauty of the internet is such that every opinion has become worthless; this goes doubly so for those with publish buttons on (relatively, we're humble) major websites. For every opinion, there's a matching counter-opinion, and that's great. Yesterday, we linked to an article by Mark Pilgrim about tinkerers and the iPad, and of course, someone was bound to disagree with that one.
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webOS really?
by dacresni on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 05:44 UTC
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i can see if it said Android or Maemo but WebOS? Its not even open source! My problem is that people keep calling it crippled when it's base hardware configuration is 500 and its specs alone are better than the nokia N900. the asus EEE atom tablet isn't out yet and I dont know it's battery life or performance. It does annoy me how I can't run what I want but thats why I wouldn't buy an iphone. the iPod is still a music device and this iPad seems like the internet tablet who's form factor lends it self to other things. When I can buy a reasonably priced, performant MoBoard that coreboot supports, I will buy that mobo, put tetris on it, otherwise, i will buy a mobo that CAN ONLY RUN WHAT THEY WANT ME TO. CAN YOU DO OTHERWISE?

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