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Apple The beauty of the internet is such that every opinion has become worthless; this goes doubly so for those with publish buttons on (relatively, we're humble) major websites. For every opinion, there's a matching counter-opinion, and that's great. Yesterday, we linked to an article by Mark Pilgrim about tinkerers and the iPad, and of course, someone was bound to disagree with that one.
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RE[2]: Ironic
by slaytaniclemmy on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 06:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Ironic"
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Exactly what consumer has Apple gone against in this regard? Please put said mythical consumer up on a pedestal so that s/he shall be known! I've seen a few jail broken iPhones, but not have I once seen an Apple extraction team!

The point is that someone has to 'break' into their own device to run software that they may have developed because Apple is too greedy to allow their software on the App Store.

I am not 100% up on the technology used to jailbreak an iPhone/iTouch, but I believe it requires some bending of the DMCA. If true, Apple implemented the security that 'protects' itself from jailbreak and thus forces people to violate the law to do what they want with their own property.

Here is a hit on a quick google of 'jailbreak DMCA' indicating that Apple was seeking protection under DMCA for users using this method to gain freedom on their property. I don't know where this went after 2/2009, but recent events (iPad) don't seem to indicate they have opened up.

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