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Hardware, Embedded Systems Ah, the ARM chip. ARM is a hugely successful architecture, and can be found in just about every cell phone or other small device out there. ARM, however, wants more, and for a long time now we've been hearing predictions about an upcoming massive rise in ARM netbooks - so far, this hasn't materialised. Warren East, ARM's CEO, said in an interview with PC Pro that netbooks could one day make up 90% of the laptop market - preferably powered by ARM processors of course.
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RE: it's in the pipe lines
by kragil on Wed 3rd Feb 2010 21:30 UTC in reply to "it's in the pipe lines"
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Well the common internet conspiracy theory is that the when cheap Linux netbooks with ARM were all the craze at CES 2008 MS and Intel intervened and paid their way to not have them materialize...

There might be some truth in that (ARM+Linux on a massive scale would be very bad for business for Wintel), but I think just now ARM with those Cortex A8 and A9 are able to run Linux really fast so that you can have powerful machines that are useful.

Apple and Google (and maybe Canonical in their litte way) will help this trend towards cheaper smaller computers (netbooks, tablets, smartbooks)

I think he could be right .. a perfect storm for Wintel might be brewing.

Worldwide 90% of smartbooks (smaller netbooks, not laptops) and tablets running ARM is possible by 2012, but the world will end once that happens ;)

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